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Reading the Financial Times cover to cover every day for a week

My friend Jim reads the paper version of the Financial Times every day. He’s an investor. I always dismissed the paper as something not for me.

However, I saw this tweet and I was curious again about the FT:

Trying it for $1 and 7.5 hrs of my time

I’d imagine I can read the paper in about an hour and a half (90 minutes). And there are 5 business days in a week. So that would be 7 1/2 hours of time spent reading to understand if it’s valuable. Oh, and there’s a 30 day trial for $1.

What you might learn from doing it yourself

Broader themes

  • Lots of focus on the EU and UK specifically.
  • Limited US political drama but still the main things compared with US news outlets
  • For world events, perspective on how X event affects the business world

Overall, there are lots of things I have in my head that I didn’t before. Will I use them? Maybe. I do enjoy knowing a little more about elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo and how things are shaping up around Brexit.

I’m going to keep going for the rest of the trial and see how I’m feeling about making reading the FT part of my routine.

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