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Blogging workflow for iPadOS

There are a few different ways you can blog from an iPad

  • SSH in to a remote server with Blink and tappity tap your blogpost out in Vim.
  • Use Working Copy and host your blog on Github so that any changes you commit are immediately published:
  • Use the Wordpress App:

However, what I think makes a really slick blogging flow on iPad / iPadOS has to do a few things:

  1. Write your posts in Markdown
  2. Minimal effort to add images
  3. Easy publishing
  4. Easy to update after publishing

Using Ulysses + Wordpress on the iPad makes this work well for everything but easy updates after publishing. If you make changes after publishing and publish again, it’ll create a duplicate post rather than update the existing one.

Overall though, not having to think about how to get my images for the blogpost up on to the internet makes that one hassle worth it. It’ll probably teach you to get it right the first time and not edit after you publish.

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