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Thanks Walter

Hey Walter,

I was in Monhegan, Maine a few weeks ago for a friend’s wedding and decided to read (and finish) one of the books you gave me.

Reading These Days

That’s a picture of me reading it in the hotel we were staying. If you know nothing about Monhegan Maine, that’s ok. This place feels like nothing much has changed in 50 years. It took 2 flights, a 2 hr drive and a 1 hour ferry to get there.

To give you an idea of the place, when we made the hotel reservation, I called on the phone and they sent me a letter (by mail) confirming the details. Then, I had to reply with a check deposit for our stay. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Monhegan was the perfect place to read These Days by Jack Chen. The book captured a few things about modern life so well:

  • How meaningless many jobs are today ( designing the screens for fake TVs in furniture stores )
  • Life in New York - having lived there I had a mental image of every scene in the book.
  • The obsession most of us have over “the stream” and our phone buzzing in our pockets all the time.
  • The dynamics between investors and founders (especially early on) in a startup.

There was so much to like about the book. Thank you for sharing it with me.

But in general, thanks for being you! I remember when @csavage intro’d us and we met out in San Francisco. We had just started a few months earlier and had no clue what we were doing. You, Chris, and Nick are some of the few people I met right at the beginning on who didn’t think we were crazy for wanting to build a cash flow positive business early on.

Without you three, we may have decided to jump on the fundraising treadmill. Heck, we’d probably already be out of business or acquihired by now.

Thanks for building your business (iDoneThis) on principles and being a huge inspiration to me and I’m sure many others!

Bye for now,

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