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Techstars demo day

There are really only 2 accelerator programs. Techstars and Y-combinator. I attended Techstars demo day in Boston today and saw 13 phenomenal companies, on stage, presenting to a room full of investors.

Companies presenting

  • Bison : Platform for alternative investments
  • DocTrackr : Document tracking and metrics
  • Pact : Mobile app that incentivizes regular exercise
  • LaVeem : The nexus of all food knowledge
  • Libboo : Home of the Next Digital Bestseller
  • Mortar : Easy Hadoop in the cloud
  • Murfie : Where your music belongs
  • Psykosoft : Creative software factory
  • Shopsy : The retail graph
  • SimplyGood : Makes mobile couponing simple
  • Testive : Engaging test prep
  • UberSense : Helps athletes and amatuers improve anywhere, anytime
  • Zagster: Think Zipcar for bikes - Bikes as a service

Every Techstars demo day unleashes a slew of talented and trained companies. Companies ready to disrupt complacent incumbents. Companies ready to create new markets. Companies ready to improve life.

It’s awesome to see and tremendously inspiring. Congratulations to everyone who presented today.

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