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Why we don't offer discounts

A lot of companies offer some kind of discount for non-profits. A lot of companies also offer discounts to participants of accelerator programs.

In the early days we experimented with discounts tied to some affiliation you might have. We tried handing out cards with a discount code on them at a conference (didn’t work). We tried offering accelerators discounts (got a few customers). We tried doing promos or offering discounts in webinars (meh).

But we’ve gotten rid of selective pricing in favor of fair, transparent pricing.

When you give some companies pricing based on who they are, or their affiliation, you’re making decisions about who deserves to pay less and who deserves to pay more.

A lot of our thinking on this was inspired by a wonderful post by Jason Fried from 2010 - “Why non-profit pricing?”.

We don’t want to be one of those companies that has a “who you are determines how much we can charge you” pricing model. We find those models unfair, dishonest, and flat out unappealing. The best pricing is clear, fair, public, consistent, and predictable.

I’m not sure I can articluate it better than Jason does.

I want to be able to look every customer in the eye and tell them they’re getting the best price we offer for their level of service. It’s challenging, but it’s something we’re sticking by for better or worse.

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