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Ikea standing desk for $489

Ikea quietly started stocking motorized sit/stand desks in their North American stores in late September. They’re getting rid of the “Galant” series (found in offices everywhere) and replacing it with the “Bekant”.

Most motorized standing desks sold online cost $800 - $1200 to get to your door. I expect we’ll see prices decrease quite dramatically as more people find out about these desks.

To outfit our new office I had purchased frames for standing desks for $590 each and was planning to buy the tops at Ikea to save on costs. Imagine my surprise when looking at table tops and we saw the new models on the floor:

Ikea Bekant Standing Desk

Granted, these don’t even come close to the affordability of the $22 standing desk. But assuming you had to start from scratch, the Ikea option is extremely compelling.

Here are some stats:

Ikea bekant sit stand
  • Length: 63 “
  • Min. height: 22 “
  • Max. height: 48 “
  • Width: 31 1/2 “
  • Max. load: 154 lb

It comes in 8 color combinations:


  • birch veneer
  • black-brown
  • grey
  • white


  • black
  • white

What’s missing from the Ikea motorized standing desk?

Height adjustment ikea bekant

Here’s a close up of the height adjustment buttons.

There are 2 “nice to have” features that are missing from the Ikea standing desk. We put ours together For $680 compared to the $490 desk.

  • 3 preset heights
  • Visual indicator for height.

Is it worth an extra $190 just to have these two extras? Maybe not unless you raise and lower your desk daily.

One thing is for sure - these are the first iterations of these new Ikea desks, and I suspect we’ll see a digital indicator and presets on these in the next few years.

The standing desk space just got a whole lot more competitive.

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