Colin Nederkoorn

Email tips for introducing people and scheduling meetings

March 22, 2012

Over the past couple of months, I’ve introduced and been introduced to a bunch of people for Here are the tips I’ve picked up to make that process run smoothly.

Anna <—-> Bob

When introducing two people, it always feels awkward to say “Anna, meet Bob. Bob, meet Anna”. I started to notice people using the <—–> to denote a two way intro. It’s great, easy to read and simple.

Thanks Colin (Bcc’d)

After the intro is made, drop the person who made the intro from the thread. The simplest and most polite way to do that is on the first response, shift them to BCC. In the body, mention that they are BCCd. They have the certainty that the intro was successful, and then are out of response to the conversation.

Bonus: Scheduling

Sometimes you end up dealing with unresponsive people. By the time they respond, Tuesday at 4 and Wednesday at 2 are no longer available. Send everyone to Tungle. You can pull in all of your calendars so even if you schedule outside of Tungle too, it’s always up to date (here’s mine).