Colin Nederkoorn

May 2020 - Things I'm consuming


We're deep in to the Covid-19 quarantine and time and energy are in short supply with kids taking up a lot of both. I've settled in to a set of things I'm enjoying.


  • Stratechery (paid) - The podcast version is easy for me to listen to while doing dishes.
  • The Daily - How I get deeper news beyond scanning the headlines.
  • ATP - Tune out and listen to people talk about tech.



In my Feedreader

I'm scanning the headlines in NetNewsWire mostly from these spots

  • Ars Technica
  • Financial Times (paid) - Mostly headlines, but sometimes I'll dig in to an article.
  • Elektrek / Teslarati - I'm a fan of electric cars, and other than Elon Musk's tweets the articles about progress are a welcome distraction.

What are you consuming? Hit me up on twitter. @alphacolin